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Unreliability at work
Scenario 1 - Large factories and Intermediaries:
Large leading manufacturers in China do not work with European factories through intermediaries.
Scenario 2 - Medium Plants and Intermediaries
Medium-sized plants that work through intermediaries delegate production to small plants without informing the intermediaries about it.

There is a frequent change of factories in order to purchase goods at the lowest price at the expense of quality.

The European client cannot figure out from which plant the delivery is made and is not able to control the process.
Scenario 3 - Factories without intermediaries:
— Ignore requests;
— Complicate negotiations;
— Slow down workflows;
— Do not accept orders "in such a small volume";
— Have no free capacity for production;
— Closed for environmental reasons;
— Claim that such parameters of electrodes and furnaces that you give do not exist;
— Do not meet production deadlines;
— Send electrodes that do not meet contractual standards, which can only be ascertained in the process of using the electrodes.
We solve problems of unreliability in work this way:
Poor quality electrodes
Provide graphite electrodes with a long list of other goods and commodities, such as toys, LEDs, plumbing equipment, sporting goods, furniture, souvenirs, electronics and many others;
Most trading companies and intermediaries:
Unable to coordinate and control the production process and prices for graphite electrodes;
Can sell you standard electrodes from their warehouses in China or Europe;
Do not carry out deep regular technical and engineering work to harmonize the parameters of the electrodes with the parameters of your furnace;
Unable to show and explain the intricacies of the production of Chinese manufacturer to European specialists, and vice versa.
We solve the problem of low-quality electrodes in this way:
Risks in payment and shipment
50% — Payment before shipment of goods from the factory warehouse to the port;
Shipment on FOB terms;
Sending electrodes by rail or multi-modal transportation;
Terms of actual shipment of goods to the port after signing contracts and advance payment - 50-75 days;
Delivery time to your warehouse - 20-45 days;
We solve problems of payment and shipment risks this way:
Loading electrodes into closed containers.
Breakage of electrodes and nipples
Without an individual approach and close regular technical cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises, graphite electrodes are supplied without any quality guarantees.
Chinese factories do not compensate for damages in case of breakage of electrodes and nipples.
Chinese factories ask to prove that the breakdown occurred precisely because of their poor-quality electrodes, and not because of many other possible problems of the furnace and production of the European client.
We solve problems of broken electrodes and nipples in this way: