Quality of electrodes

We supply electrodes of all specifications and sizes:
RP, HP, SHP, UHP from 250 mm to 700 mm
Our specialisation is electrodes:
UHP 350-600 mm
Electrode consumption per ton of liquid steel:
(for UHP 600 mm produced by)
Russia — 1.55 - 1.6
China — 1.25 - 1.45
Japan — 1.05
Tramplin HK — 1.18*
* For a DSP-125 furnace with a transformer capacity of 120 MVA.
Benefits of working with us
Test batch
We give an opportunity to take a test batch of 20-40 tons of electrodes.
Double check up
Our graphite electrodes and their packaging are double checked for quality.
Quality control
We control the quality of the graphite electrodes individually by matching the parameters of the electrodes with the parameters of your furnace and the features of your production.
We create a long-term, deep and permanent technical engineering cooperation between two industrial enterprises.
Delegation visit
We invite and accompany you to the Chinese factory, where we openly show all the subtleties of the technological production of electrodes.
Chinese delegation
If necessary, we organise the arrival of Chinese engineers and specialists to your manufacturing plant to work with your specialists.