Quality stability
We have never had graphite electrode breakage due to poor quality.
Benefits of working with us
Joint deliveries
We strictly match the nipples to the electrodes and always supply them together.
Double quality check
Our electrodes and nipples go through two checks, where the threads of the nipples, the sockets of the connections and the way the nipples are screwed into the electrodes are carefully checked twice.
Distinguishing marks
Our electrodes and nipples have special markings so that in case of breakage, our electrodes can be distinguished from electrodes of other manufacturers.
Breakage prevention
If a breakdown occurs due to inconsistencies between the electrodes and the parameters of the furnace or production processes at your plant, we guarantee the elimination of the cause of the breakdowns.
Technical analysis
If necessary, we will arrange conference calls and / or visits of Chinese specialists to analyse your plant in order to find and eliminate the causes of breakdowns.
We have an established compensation process with the manufacturing plant. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown of our electrodes due to poor quality, we guarantee full compensation for damage.