Tramplin HK is a coordinating company that organises long-term projects
of regular supplies of graphite

We are
Coordinating Company
European Client
Chinese Manufacturing Plant
Coordinating company:
is the general representative of the manufacturer;
is a link between customer and manufacturer;
organises the entire cooperation between the client and the manufacturer;
implements long-term projects;
takes no commission from the client.
We are not
Intermediary company
European Client
Chinese Manufacturing Plant
Intermediary company:
is an independent third party;
is an intermediary between the client and the manufacturing plant;
provides services only for commercial procedures and operations;
implements short-term transactions;
takes commission from the client.
As the general representative of China's leading manufacturer of graphite electrodes in technical and technological capacity, we are part of the industrial chain. That's why:
We guarantee absolute transparency of work at all stages of the project.
We have the right to determine the quality of electrodes and achieve it in the production process.
We have the right to participate in the process of technical pricing and set prices for electrodes.
We reduce the risks at the stage of payment and delivery to zero.
We reduce the shipping time of goods to the port and the time of the ship's departure.
We guarantee the elimination of the causes of breakdowns and/or full compensation for losses.
We find individual solutions for every task.
We solve problems and eliminate shortcomings of previous suppliers and intermediaries.
Transparency of work
Chinese manufacturers do not operate directly on the European market.
Upon receipt of commercial requests from an European client, the Chinese manufacturing plant sends them to us - its direct representative.
We take care of all negotiations with the Chinese side in Chinese and provide you with a convenient system of interactions and daily negotiations in English.
We provide you with our entire legal and partnership base in China and Hong Kong to reduce your risks to zero.
We manage paperwork at all stages of the project.
Quality of electrodes
We supply electrodes of all specifications and sizes:
RP, HP, SHP, UHP from 250 mm to 700 mm
Our specialisation is electrodes:
UHP 350-600 mm
Electrode consumption per ton of liquid steel:
(for UHP 600 mm produced by)
Russia — 1.55 - 1.6
China — 1.25 - 1.45
Japan — 1.05
Tramplin HK — 1.18*
* For a DSP-125 furnace with a transformer capacity of 120 MVA.
We control the quality of the electrodes individually - by matching the parameters of the electrodes with the parameters of your furnace and the features of your production.
Price of electrodes
Chinese manufacturers do not give out price lists. We negotiate the price with the manufacturer only after negotiations with you - and we do it in your favor.
With an electrode consumption per ton of steel of 1.18, our electrodes are more profitable than Japanese ones at 1.05.
We reduce the risks of payment and delivery for you to zero.
We follow Incoterms, so the process is transparent.
For regular and reliable clients we provide:
The lowest level of advance payment - only 30%;
Deferred payment for 30 days after the good leave the port.
We ship on CFR (Cost and Freight) and DAP (Delivered-at-place) terms.
For regular and reliable clients we provide:
Terms of actual shipment of goods to the port after the signing of the contract and advance payment - 15 days.
Inconsistencies between electrodes and furnace parameters
In the event of a breakages due to inconsistencies between the electrodes and the parameters of the furnaces or production processes at your plant, we guarantee the elimination of the causes of breakages.
In the event of a breakages due to poor quality of the electrodes, we guarantee full compensation for damage.
Individual solutions
We have experience in:
Fulfillment of urgent orders in 10 days.
Emergency deliveries of graphite electrodes and nipples by air.
Production and supply of non-standard sizes of electrodes or sizes with minimum tolerances.
Previous suppliers
We fix issues that arose due to previous suppliers such as:
missed production deadlines;
refusals of manufacturer to compensate for damages;
shipment of electrodes that do not meet the contractual standards;
shipment on FOB terms;
50% payment before shipment from the factory warehouse to the port;
terms of actual shipment of goods to the port after the signing of contracts and advance payment to be 50-75 days.
Contact Us
New Mandarin Plaza Tower B, office 512, 14 Science Museum road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong