Price of electrodes

Electrode consumption
With a consumption per ton of steel of 1.18, our electrodes are more profitable than Japanese ones at a rate of 1.05.
Benefits of working with us
Right to export
According to Chinese law, Chinese manufacturing plants do not have the right to sell their products for export. Therefore, the widespread opinion that the prices for electrodes are the lowest at manufacturing plants is erroneous and not true.
Price policy
In order to avoid price fluctuations, we act as a financial group that “books” a certain amount of products at the beginning of each year. So we guarantee a consistently low price level.
Price lists
Chinese manufacturing plants do not issue price lists.
Price negotiations
We negotiate with the manufacturer about the price only after negotiations with you - and we do it in your favor.
We do not take any commission from you at any stage of the work.
We have the right to participate in technical pricing and set prices for electrodes.